State of the News and The Future Of The Industry

The state of the news seems to be growing and spreading tremendously. Many news media outlets are dishing out much information about current news stories, and they are commonly using modes of social media to aid their stories. Many aspects are tied into this such as dealing with the ubiquity of social media, and by publishing platforms, it has made it substantially easier to dish out”fake news”. Let us start off with the ubiquity of social media in the state of the news.

The ubiquity of social media in the news today is very relevant. Most news stations such as CNNNBC, and Fox all use this to spread their daily stories to the press3public. The vast majority of news is usually sent out via the website online, or through common means of social media such as Twitter or Facebook. So many media outlets usually will take advantage of these these forms of social media and use it to their advantage. Reporters will tweet out breaking news or notifications to remind the public about what is going on. Likewise, on Facebook, media outlets will post their stories, breaking news, or videos for everyone to read and see also. While this may seem all well and good, this makes it easy for hackers and other people to post “fake news” reports with false claims as well. They would be able to make the original content seem wrong, and instead what they post is right.

What I would see as a way to combat this threat is to ignore or not even acknowledge these stories and to block content. Others have suggested to report the story to the media site, and the owners will take care of it. I can see the future of the news outlets shining bright and successful too.

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