Profile Photo Story Assignment

Multiple people everyday embrace what they do in their natural work environment. Everyday Average Joe’s can me found everywhere either doing what they love, or just working tirelessly to earn more money to help aid their family and ultimately in the future, become financially stable.

One of these individuals works locally, at Hofstra University. Her name is Ena, and she works as a cashier at the school helping students make sure that they pay for their food properly so that they can eat everyday.

Ena works tirelessly to aid students in paying for their food.

She had expressed that she was in need of money. It was discovered that she had been a valuable cashier to the Hofstra community because she had been working there for twenty-three years. She enjoys working at her occupation very much so.

She gathers the meal cards to help students pay for food.


A reason she had said she works here is because she needs to be financially stable. “I need money,” she said.
She works in order for her to gain more money.
She satisfies customers needs to pay for their food everyday.
In order to help the students get the end price right, she gathers the codes on the food products.
She diligently helps provide food for Hofstra students daily.
She embraces helping each customer with meal card money.
With the various amounts of food to choose from, Ena provides the easy service of paying for students food every day, so students do not go hungry. 
At the end of the day, Ena is just one of your ordinary Average Joe’s working hard, providing her services to Hofstra, and in the process is earning money to make a living.  

She continues to provide for the community and her outstanding resume shows for it.

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