Non-Broadcast Video Story Critique

On February 7th, 2017, Nike had created the video, “The Chance” to promote their newest brand of Nike shoes.

The sequencing creates a successful story in that it followed Abdoulaye Coumbassa, an aspiring professional soccer player who lives in Brooklyn. Spike Lee’s voiceover from a previous interview talking about how if an adolescent has drive, then they will have the energy that they need to create a successful story. Abdoulaye was dedicated to playing soccer, and to his goal of becoming a professional one day. The sequence used in the video of his daily life being showcased, and the journey he took and is currently taking in order to aspire to be a professional soccer player all flows through Nike. Nike wanted to depict that Abdoulaye could become a great soccer player in the future with the help of having drive, and his Nike shoes, which is pretty clever.

The edits made to create a successful story in the video are also spot on with the color correction showing how tirelessly he works playing day and night in order for him to become a great player. The title edit is interesting because he has essentially one shot to become a professional.

The shot composition used to create a successful story are wide and creative shots to depict the seriousness of the drive that he has. The video also had a medium and close up shot which also amplified his determination and motivation to succeed.

Finally, the sound creates a successful story because the tempo, rhythm, and speed that the music is playing at indicates the level of seriousness in him, working hard everyday to become a great soccer player later on. This all is very imperative in Nike’s commercial to give aspiring athletes hope to do well in the future.

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