Data Story: Blackhawks Salaries of Right Wings Vs Left Wings

For every team in the National Hockey League, they are given a certain amount of Allocation money to pay their players with. For this past 2016-2017 season, the Chicago Blackhawks were given a total of $76,847,628 to split among the team, with $41,312,011 going to the forwards (Left Wingers, Centers, and Right Wingers). Below is a chart of the highest paid starting Right Wingers on the Blackhawks and how much each player individually received per year. As shown below, Patrick Kane is the highest paid starting Right Winger compared to Tomas Jurco, who is the lowest paid starting Right Wing.

Source: Spotrac

In comparison to the Right Wingers, the Left Wingers on the Chicago Blackhawks are also paid fairly well, although some players do not get paid as much as the others. The reason that that was true, was mainly due to the amount of experience that the players have, due to the amount of years that they have been in the league, and also it depends on their age as well. Below are the highest paid Left Wingers on the team. Regardless, they too are paid fairly well, and out of the four regular starters, Artem Anisimov is the highest paid Left Winger on the team, while Tanner Kero is the lowest paid Left Winger on the team.

Source: Spotrac

All in all, the pattern that is displayed between the two sets of forwards is that more talented, and experienced players receive more money, while the younger and older players are paid less on the Chicago Blackhawks.

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