A Mystery In Elmont, NY

Unknown cancer cases are descending upon Elmont in Long Island and citizens are unsure about what has been going on with their health within the last month because they are possibly sick from water contamination.

This is a cause for concern because there is an apparent increase in the number of cancer cases being identified. Due to the increase, there is a possibility that hundreds more will be afflicted.

According to the Nassau County Health Department, they are working to gain intelligence on what exactly happened in the incident that occurred last month.

Press Representative Marianne Lorraine was unable to comment on any information about the incident to any of the media.

“I cannot report any information on the matter at this time,” she said. “This information is supposed to be between the Health Department and the Long Island Herald. Until our piece goes through, no information will be discussed and given out to any of the media outlets.”

It was later discovered that some of the information in the article, “Elmont to officials: Why are we sick” was falsely written. She and her team were working to edit and correct the story.

“I’ve never seen anything like this that’s so falsely written and I’ve been doing this a long time,” she said.

Two other employees did not want to comment on the story as they could face repercussions. One of the receptionist employees was reached for comment but did not want to disclose any information. “We are not supposed to answer anything about it,” he said.

Then the other employee confirmed that they would not be able to comment because they would face consequences.

“We will be written up,” she said.

It is still unclear what happened in Elmont and the mystery will continue to loom until further notice.

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