Criminals Beware: They’re Coming For You

Crime is declining in Hempstead as police and law enforcement are cracking down harder on various crimes utilizing new technology to lessen the crime rates causing trouble within the past year.

Police are gaining more intelligence and are more vigilant in catching nefarious drug users who are causing various crimes to occur such as larceny offenses, larceny of automobiles and shoplifting to occur in order to exchange valuables, drugs and various narcotics for money.

At the Nassau Police Department, they are gaining traction on catching crime patterns that are being detected on the technology in use.

Detective Maureen Roach, was able to note that the crime conditions now in Hempstead are improving as a result of the technology being used.

“Crime has been trending down in Nassau for the last 12 years,” she said. “Certain crime categories have seen bumps, but we are down overall. We are a technology driven department. By using the latest technology, we can see crime patterns as they are beginning and combat them before they get out of control.”

As a result of crime sprees, residents in nearby neighborhoods are forcibly caught between the violence and are unfortunately dying because of it.

“7 Homicides in Nassau in 2017, not including city and village departments,” said Detective Lieutenant Richard LeBrun at the Nassau Police Department, who gave a report on lives affected within the past year.

Additional commentary from Ms. Susan Trenkle-Pulkowsky, press representative from the Nassau County Council office was asked about, while she was available at press time, she added “no comment,” as the questions were out of her jurisdiction to answer.

With the use of technology, police are taking greater steps in protecting and serving the community to keep everyone safe and in the process, defeat crimes before they start.

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