Reflection on Writing News Stories, Nut Graphs, Leads, Accidents and Disasters

In chapters eight, nine and twelve of “News Writing and Reporting,” Rich spoke about the multiple stages of story organization, the ways in which a story may be formed and formatted and ended talking about many aspects of Online journalism. She makes it clear when she spoke about how tone will set the scene. “I look for ways to show conflict and to describe the mood. I think a lot about what is the right tone and the personality of the story,” (Rich pg. 153). I thought this was interesting. In chapter nine, she also elaborates on the art that is made in writing stories. “Beautiful writing is built one step at a time, just like a house,” (Rich pg. 177). I thought that was interesting.

Moving along, there were a multitude of word documents that talked about techniques that journalists utilize when they are covering events and news. In the first it talked about and gave common questions that help a journalist set up the story that they will write. The next one spoke about five steps in which a journalist can tell a story. In addition, the next spoke about the five most common grammar mistakes people make when writing and how they will be able to fix them. In the fourth document, it also spoke about ways in which journalists will be able to fix grammar and style problems.

The next document spoke about how multiple sentences that contain personal opinion would be able to be phrased better. Finally, the last was from the PowerPoint entitled “Covering Events and News: Part II. This document had spoken about the range of aspects that are commonly attached to covering news events. I thought that this an interesting document because this gave insight into how journalists properly write news events.

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