Why Do I Care? Blaine Reflection

Andrew Orihuela

Professor Fincham

Online Journalism JRNL 080

5 September 2018

In chapter two of the novel, The Digital Reporter’s Notebook, written by Mark Blaine, he says, when writing a story, it is a process. Blaine is sifting through questions that help writers shape their stories. He tells writers to keep in mind, relevant, credible information when writing and making a story relatable and different. He makes it clear to contemplate the content, target audience and the image in the way that the audience perceives it.


He wants writers to be thinking about ways in which writers will go about trying to utilize persuasion techniques in order to grab the attention of their main target audience. They are finding and creating ideas that are different from other stories that are being written. He advises that when journalists are in the process of creating stories, they are checking that what they are writing is credible, relatable and convenient for everyone to read through. If writers are not going to be willing to relate their stories to readers, then their target audience will decrease exponentially. They are there to help writers improve their writing.

He also wants those who are writing stories for their audiences to remember that they must have relatable content that can be used to carry their stories along. They need to be open and willing to hear out audience suggestions from readers and use them to improve the content of their stories. This helps immensely because the information in the stories will drive the writers’ ideas home and become clear.

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