Theft Overshadows A Myriad of Crimes In Chicago

Chicago, Illinois is ranked as the 23rd most dangerous city in the United States stemming from recently updated 2018 data. According to, each year, the estimated amount of crime that is recorded in Chicago alone rises at an exponential rate.

Leading the way for crime in Chicago is Theft, with a total of over 230 thousand counts of crime recorded. According to, rounding out the top four crimes that have been noted within the year is Battery Assault with a little over 197 thousand counts of this crime; Criminal Damage, totals over 118 thousand counts and Narcotics crimes, amounts to 73 thousand counts.

According to a recent demographic, the occurrences of crime recorded in Chicago is heavily split between the north and south sides; however, the south side seems to have a slight edge in crime, with increased instances being recorded in the area. More violence-related crimes are less commonly occurring in relation to other ones.

Theft-related crimes were more prevalent in Chicago; while crimes such as auto, robbery and homicidal instances were much less. Meanwhile, sexually related instances were reported on the lower side of the spectrum.

The lowest five crimes recorded in the city were relating to public indecency with 39 counts, human trafficking instances comes in at 26 counts, non-criminal related instances equate to 23 counts, other narcotic violations come in at 22 counts and finally, ritual-related counts adds up to three instances being recorded.

The majority of these crimes however, have occurred in 2015. Only a few instances were recorded between the years of 2016-2018.

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