Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions Urged to Step aside from Russian probe Photo series critique

In the news article, “Trump Attorney General Jeff Sessions Urged to Step aside from Russian Probe” the formal elements in all of the photos help and hinder the story telling because Jeff Sessions denies all allegations that he had talks with Sergei Kislyak about possibly lifting sanctions on Russia. Then, the next picture hinders the story because it shows the unusual “relations” that Putin and Trump have created. The following picture helps because it shows him again denying the allegations. Next, the photo of Sergei Kislyak helps because he possibly went into talks with Sessions. The last two photos help and hinder the story due to the fact that Senator Chuck Schumer mentioned if he was lying, he should resign, while Nancy Pelosi truly believes he lied, but she has no prior evidence to back it up, though.

The varieties of shots used were Wide, Medium, Close-up, and Creative and they all worked well because the wide and medium shots created the foreground of the story, while the Close-up and Creative created a more dramatic effect. The pace of the story was just right, it did vary and different ones are achieved by capturing different segments of an event, such as a soccer match, when one minute a player is dribbling with the ball, and the next, his teammate scores it into the net. The story teller chose the first and last images because both of them promote two opposing arguments that can be discussed. The captions do work with the images to tell the story. There is one striking image of Putin with the Trump mask in hand being that both are the same in various ways. The effect intended by it would be that Trump is foolish to think he can have relations with Putin and Russia.

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