Student Access Service Employee Aides Language based Disabilities

Every day, students with certain disabilities receive help from certain faculty members at Hofstra University who in turn, utilize certain learning skills to help the students understand certain concepts and themes. Ms. Jennifer Davis, helps students with language based disabilities in providing research about these certain topics.

She is one of many workers at the Student Access Services whose expertise is built around helping these disability students. She also aides in helping with students writing skills, organization, and she provides these adolescents with tutorial services that help them as well. As an example, in those tutorial services, she will visually depict those themes or concepts so that students will be able to see how simple themes or concepts are able to connect with certain bits of information that are important to them. Especially with writing, she expressed that “I think that if you can write, you are really empowered, and it is really good for your self-esteem, and it is a skill that you can apply to almost anything after college.”

She continues today to aid and empower many students with services that will help them academically, so that they will be able to understand certain concepts and themes that may seem difficult to them.

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